Public Works

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
After Hours number: (830) 328-9946


The Public Works Department provides safe and uninterrupted potable water to the citizens of the City of Bandera. All staff are hard-working and dedicated to providing the best service to all customers. The Public Works Department strives to continue to maintain the health and safety of water. 

During any emergency situation, we ask that you continue to be patient and cooperate with the Public Works Department. The Public Works Department staff hold water licenses by the State of Texas (TCEQ​) and are capable of handling situations presented to them.

Underground Utility Line Location 

Customers must call 


 or 1-800-DIG-TEST (1-800-344-8378) at least two working days prior to beginning excavation. The hotline operator will notify local utilities of the dig location, and utility representatives will mark underground utilities with paint or flags. Private property utility lines will not be located by the representative. 

The purpose of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and wastewater operators are accepting wastewater and returning the water safely back into the environment. The operators do this by maintaining the collection system which transports wastewater to the treatment plant. Once the wastewater reaches the treatment plant, the water passes through machinery to separate sanitary matter from the water. Then the wastewater goes through a biological process to eliminate other organisms from the wastewater. This process is carefully monitored by our wastewater operators to assure the public continues to enjoy a safe and healthy environment. 

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is restricted to the public.

If you believe you are having trouble or notice any concerns, please contact City Hall at (830) 796-3765. The Wastewater Treatment Plant and wastewater operators seek to deliver the best service and provide a safe and health environment.

All personnel in the Wastewater Department are required to hold a TCEQ license to work the Collection System to ensure water is safely returned to the environment. 

The Public Works Department is responsible for all maintenance and repairs of the city streets. Duties include:
  • Repair damaged or missing street signs
  • Street maintenance of pothole repairs, crack sealing, tree trimming
  • Drainage ditch maintenance
  • Utility cut repair
  • Inlet cleaning, street cleaning and street sweeping
  • Remove objects from streets 
  • Pavement striping
Emergency Street Repair

Potholes, rough roads, downed trees and missing signs should be reported to Public Works. 

Drainage Maintenance

The Public Works Department maintains and clears dirt and debris from drainage channels, as needed, to allow water to flow unrestricted. 

To report: 
  • Street repair
  • Potholes
  • Rundown street signs
  • Low water crossings
Please contact City Hall at (830) 796-3765. After hours at (830) 328-9946.

The Public Works Department improves the lives of Bandera residents and visitors by offering a clean and relaxing environment for recreational activities. The City of Bandera welcomes everyone that visits to enjoy the beautiful landscaping of the Medina River.

The Public Works Department operates and maintains Bandera City Park equipped with picnic tables, BBQ pits and playground equipment. All the parks and properties are maintained daily. 

The Public Works Department does not test the quality of the water in the Medina River. For more information concerning water quality, please contact the Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District at (830) 796-7260.